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Summer Plants

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your yard while appreciating your summer plants and the wildlife that inhabit them (like those cute butterflies and hummingbirds). So, as your summer vegetation flourishes outside, bring some nature indoors, too. With summer plants you can have summer beauty no matter where you decide to spend your time this summer season.

What plants grow in summer?

The majority of plants that grow during the summer season are summer vegetables. Though some flourish better in a cool season, things like corn, beans, cucumbers, edamame, and eggplant grow best with full sun in mid to early summer. Your yummy harvest will look amazing on your tablescape next to your orchids and other Proflowers fresh flower bouquets!

Do summer plants make good summertime gifts?

Of course, summer plants make great summertime gifts! And though you might not think of plants as a first choice for gift options, they really are one of the most versatile, well-rounded gifts you can give someone. They provide life, warmth, and natural beauty to any home.

Who should I send summer flowering plants to?

Though plants are well-received by all people, think of those in your life that could use a little pick me up, or a piece to make them feel happier in their home. Maybe you could send one of Proflowers' potted plants to a parent or a sibling. Some gardening plants to a grandparent or a friend who really enjoys getting their hands dirty. And maybe even a bouquet of housewarming flowers for your loved one who has just found their new forever home! As you can see with Proflowers, there is a wide variety of options when it comes to a beautiful, natural gift. You just can't go wrong.

How do I care for my summer blooming plants?

Each summer blooming plant has their own needs for care, but each of our Proflowers summer plants comes with care instructions, that way you can give it its best life. You will be able to know which ones need full sun, full sun to part shade, or indirect sunlight, etc.