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Peruvian Lilies

With their bright and cheerful colors, alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lilies, will add vibrant color to any room and are perfect for birthdays, get well wishes, as well as fun and festive occasions.

Peruvian Lilies Delivered

The warm beauty of Peruvian Lilies will brighten anybody's day! Also known as Alstroemeria Lilies or Lily of the Inca, these fragrant flowers come in a brilliant array of fiery colors, from white and magenta to gold and flaming orange. Other favorite colors include lilac, bronze, and a bright cherry red. They can also be found in bi-color, which combines any two of these colors. Peruvian Lilies have unique leaves that twist and turn downward as they grow, symbolizing the twists and turns that we endure in our friendships. Mixed with summer flowers, they can bring warmth to any room. Ordering Peruvian Lilies online makes a great gift for any occasion.   Originally, these flowers grew wild across South America, in climates ranging from the high and cold Andes Mountains to the broad, grassy expanse of the pampas. In the 18th century, explorers brought seeds of these lilies back to Europe. They were first named Alstroemeria Lilies after renowned Swedish scientist Baron Claus von Alstromer. Over the years, these lilies came to express good luck and devoted friendship, making them an excellent bouquet to brighten your friend's day, a just because gift to someone you love, or the perfect flower to brighten the office on a gloomy day. Along with white lilies, they are also an exquisite addition to any bridal bouquet, or a brilliant way to celebrate any special occasion. Pink lilies signify youth, acceptance, romance and prosperity. Because they come in so many colors, these lilies can be added into almost any color scheme for a holiday or party. Because as many as ten flowers bloom from a single stem, Peruvian lilies can come in great quantities, often with 100 or more blooms in a single vase!   As these gorgeous lilies bloom, they bring a unique warmth and brightness to any windowsill, desk, or table, usually lasting for up to two weeks in a vase. Have some Peruvian Lilies delivered to your door to experience their beauty for yourself!