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Flowering Bonsai

Whether you are gifting for the home or office, flowering bonsai trees have strong character and a great tradition. Caring for them is both an art and an education.  Flowering bonsais need to be specifically cared for - for instance, you must remove dead flowers before the new ones can grow.

Flowering Bonsai Make Great Gifts

Is it a tiny tree? Or is it a flowering plant? Who knows! Either way, the flowering indoor bonsai from ProFlowers makes a very special gift. We offer a large selection and easy online ordering. So if you’re looking for long-lasting, high-quality flowering Bonsai trees for sale.   Did you know the word bonsai means tree cultivation in Japanese? The art of growing these miniature trees in small pots dates back thousands of years in the Asian country and is a long-heralded, widely respected tradition. The eras-long tradition of growing a bonsai is enjoyed not only in Japan; these potted trees that grow zen flowers are fun to grow anywhere with ProFlowers’ aid!   Bonsai trees and tropical Zen plants make great gifts. If you’re looking for a wonderful indoor flowering Bonsai like the ficus or azalea bonsai, you can’t go wrong with any from the lovely selection we offer. Be sure to also check out other popular flowering indoor selections, including the juniper bonsai, jade bonsai and super fragrant gardenia Bonsai!   Send a fresh flowering bonsai tree to anywhere in the U.S. Many people believe that caring for a bonsai tree is a lot of work. False! Before a ProFlowers bonsai makes its trip to you, our knowledgeable Bonsai experts have already done all the hard work. Just follow the easy care directions included with each plant and watch your bonsai thrive!