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Breathe Happier Collection

Home or Office Plants That Help Purify Air

It’s not news that plants offer a great way to bring a touch of nature into any environment — homes and offices — but did you know that they actually have the capability to help purify the air? Proflowers’ new Breathe Happier™ Collection provides you with the chance to give two gifts in one: stylish décor that can also help purify air.  

Shelfie and Tabletop Plants That Delight

If you’re looking for a plant that will be displayed on a shelf or tabletop, we’ve got great options for you. Perhaps you choose a gorgeous pothos or dracaena shelfie plant in a beautiful white marble container that will look great anywhere. Or, maybe a snake plant or spathiphyllum for a tabletop is going to be the best option for your recipient. There truly is no wrong choice!  

Floor Plants That Make a Major Statement

When it comes to happier air, the granddaddies of them all are floor plants that double as impressive décor elements. Standing from two to three feet tall, you might choose a lacy leaf philodendron or peace lily; both arrive in a stunning hand-woven diamond pattern basket and are easy to care for — with instructions included that even a brown thumb can follow.  

Celebrate Any Occasion with Happier Air

In addition to helping clean the air, plants are also appropriate for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more. Why not send a sansevieria to someone who’s just gotten promoted to decorate a new office — or a lacy leaf as a housewarming gift? Whatever plant you choose, Proflowers will pack it carefully for delivery on the day you specify.