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April 25, 2012

History Of Easter Sunday For Kids

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Easter is a happy time for Christians around the world, and in the U.S. we have many fun, colorful ways to celebrate it! However, we must remember that Easter is not only about chocolate bunnies and egg hunts. In fact, there is a very special, religious reason behind Easter and we can all learn a lot from it. Easter is also celebrated in many different ways in other countries. Want to find out more about this special day? Read on and check out the fun resources too!

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The Story Behind Easter When Jesus Christ was crucified, His body was kept in a tomb. During this time, many people were sad and grieved His death. Finally, after three days, it was time to remove His body from the tomb. When Jesus’ friends and family arrived, they found that His body was missing! Jesus had risen again and although He could not stay on Earth as He did before, He did stop to say goodbye to a few people. This let them know that He was safe and happy again, and still in our lives.

Why Do We Celebrate Easter? We celebrate Easter to remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us in order to save us from the sins we commit so we can go to heaven. More importantly Easter Sunday helps us to remember that Jesus came back from the dead. Although he is not physically among us, He is still present in our hearts.

What do Eggs and Rabbits Symbolize During Easter? A lot of the symbols of Easter represent new life and new beginnings. We use eggs because they represent a brand new life inside the shell. Since ancient times, rabbits have been used as a symbol of rebirth. Easter also coincides with spring. These symbols are also linked with the season and help us to welcome new life after the darkness of winter.

  • Easter Symbols  – Candles, eggs, rabbits, and lambs are common symbols of Easter.

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Different Easter Traditions Around the World In most of North America, Easter is a national holiday. We celebrate it by going to church, followed by a special family meal, Easter egg hunts, and giving gifts of colored eggs and chocolate. In Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, people create very intricate designs on their Easter eggs. Lamb or a large ham are common for the Easter meal. In England, it is customary to eat hot cross buns and roll colored eggs down a large hill. In most Christian countries, the church bells ring out loud and merry on Easter Sunday morning to mark this joyous event!

  • Easter in the UK– Follow Toby to see how British children celebrate Easter.

  • Easter in Different Countries – Learn about Easter traditions in other countries such as Spain, Brazil, Germany and Mexico.

  • Egg Hunts– Play an online game and learn about Easter egg hunts. Various Easter Crafts and Activities

  • Easter Story Eggs – Create the story of Jesus on Easter eggs and use them in different games or displays.

  • Easter Coloring – Download and print some free Easter drawings for plenty of coloring fun!

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